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Open Your Heart and Home to a Dog in Need

At Parker's Animal Rescue, we believe that every dog deserves a chance to find a loving forever home. Our foster program is a crucial part of this mission, providing temporary homes for dogs until they are adopted. Currently, many animals are desperately awaiting the opportunity to enter PAR's program and take the first steps toward a brighter future. Without the support of foster homes, their dreams are put on hold. By becoming a foster parent, you can make a life-changing difference for these deserving animals.

Why Foster?

  • Save Lives: Every foster home allows us to rescue more dogs from shelters and other difficult situations, giving them a second chance at a better life.
  • Help Dogs Thrive: Fostering provides a safe, nurturing environment where dogs can learn, grow, and become their best selves before finding their forever homes.
  • Enjoy Companionship: Fostering is a rewarding experience that brings joy, love, and companionship into your life. It's a chance to make a positive impact and receive unconditional love in return.

On the Fence?

CLICK HERE to learn more about how we work to support our fosters and their schedules.

Ready to make a difference?

Join the PAR family and become a foster hero today. Open your heart and home to a dog in need and be part of a compassionate community dedicated to saving lives. Have specific questions? Reach out to us at (970) 769-2584.


Finding forever homes for rescued dogs.
Parker's Animal Rescue is a foster-based dog rescue in Durango, CO.

Our Mission:
Parker's Animal Rescue strives to rescue, foster and find permanent loving homes for abandoned animals in La Plata County and the rural Four Corners. The overriding principles of the organization are 1) to educate the public on the importance of spay and neutering, and 2) educate pet owners on the proper stewardship and teaching of animals.

Parker's Animal Rescue is a local non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization. Lisa Parker is a Durango, CO native who has been rescuing animals in remote areas of the Four Corners for more than ten years. Lisa officially launched Parker's Animal Rescue in the spring of 2014 after taking in a litter of 6 day old bottle-feeding puppies. Since that day, Parker's Animal Rescue has developed a diverse team of foster homes and volunteers who, along with our community partners, create a network of opportunity for animals in need. Parker's Animal Rescue also works closely with local and regional humane societies, and similar organizations to rescue, transport, care for and rehome dogs and puppies in need in the surrounding areas.

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Finding Forever Homes For Rescued Dogs