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"My whole family is indebted to Lisa and her network of extraordinary, puppy-loving friends and helpers for saving our pup, Sammie, and her litter-mates. At 3 days old, their mother had been euthanized on an Arizona reservation. They were to be next. But with a few calls that ended up with Lisa, she said: "BRING THEM HERE", and then proceeded to, at first, dropper-feed and then bottle feed Sammie and her siblings to full, vibrant, bouncy health. At 8 weeks, she ran into our arms and hearts and we discovered that, true to the "rescue pup" that she is, Sammie rescued us. To say that we (my husband, daughter, son and I) adore her is seriously understating the matter. We know that the love she quite literally was held and bathed in has shaped her heart and nervous system - Lisa, we are so grateful to you and all who contributed in her care!!!"
- Janet Curry

"I started fostering for Parker's Animal Rescue a year ago. I did it because I wanted to support Lisa in her mission to find homes for as many puppies as she can. Having fostered once before for The Animal Rescue Foundation in the Bay area I had a good idea what I was signing up for. Like ARF, Lisa is great about making sure I am supported with everything I need when I take in a puppy (or puppies). Food, medicine, pens, crates, puppy pads and advice are all readily available. The difference with Lisa is I get to meet potential adopters. Most puppies are with me for a minimum of two weeks, plenty of time for me to fall in love with them so letting them go is hard. Getting to be part of the screening of potential adopters makes it easier because I get a say in who I think is a good fit and whether they should get to take the puppy home. That is huge for a foster parent and I really appreciate it. As challenging as puppies can be I have loved my experience fostering for Lisa and intend to keep on with it for a good long while."
- Deirdre Karger

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