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We choose not to guess the breed(s) of our adoptable pups, as we can never be certain without an official DNA test. For this reason, we also can't guarantee any dog to be a particular size/weight when fully grown. If you would like to know more about the final size of your new family member, we also have adoptable adult/near-adult dogs. Thanks!

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Name: Zoe 🌟
Age: Estimated to be between 6-8 years old
Location: Wherever love resides 💖
Interests: I live for outdoor adventures, pool parties, playing with toys, and soaking up all the love and affection you have to offer!
Relationship goals: I'm here to be your loyal companion and best friend for life. Let's embark on an endless journey of love and adventure together
Relationship type: I'm open to a household of friendly companions -- four-legged and two!
Star sign: Sagittarius ♐
Communication style: I express my love and affection through slobbery kisses, wagging tail, and soulful eyes. Get ready for a whole lot of puppy love!
Personality type: I'm a social butterfly with a heart of gold! Friendly, affectionate, and always ready for a good time, I'll bring endless joy and laughter into your life.
Love language: Quality time and acts of service are my love languages! I'll show you my devotion by always being by your side and trying my best to make you smile.
Workout preferences: I thrive on an active lifestyle! Whether it's going for long walks, splashing around in the pool, or playing fetch in the backyard, I'm up for any adventure.
Sleeping habits: I'm a champion snoozer! Whether it's cuddled up next to you on the couch or cozying up in my favorite bed, I'll sleep soundly through the night.
"Ask me about..."
➡️ My favorite outdoor adventures: From hiking trails to beach days, I love exploring the great outdoors and making memories with my favorite humans!
➡️ Pool parties: I'm a water-loving pup who can't resist a good splash in the pool. Let's make a splash together!
➡️ Learning new tricks: I'm a quick learner and love showing off my skills. Teach me a new trick, and I'll do my best to impress you!
Music anthem: "Happy" by Pharrell Williams 🎶 Let's dance through life together and spread joy wherever we go!
Ready to welcome boundless love and joy into your life? Call/text 970-769-2584, and let's make forever memories together!
Female. Approximate DOB: 9/28/22. Adult weight: 38 lbs. Zia loves to love! She is incredibly affectionate, immediately cuddling up with her foster dad and their dog, showing her happiness through vocal greetings when he returns home. While she hasn't taken to playing with toys yet, she enjoys running alongside her foster dad while he skates. Zia is described as always happy, mellow indoors, and energetic outdoors. She knows how to sit, walks well on a leash without pulling, and is fully potty trained. She has a penchant for snacks and will seize any opportunity for a treat! Although she's currently being trained to use a kennel, Zia prefers snuggling in bed with her foster dad and their pup. She has a playful side but also enjoys quiet moments of cuddling and relaxation, making her a delightful companion. If interested, please fill out an application on our website!
Male. DOB: 11/24/23. Weight on 3/12/24: 30 lbs. Littermates: Bravo and Tango. Meet Whiskey! If there's a lap available, count on Whiskey to be the first in line for cuddles! This sweet pup absolutely adores attention and is all about spreading love wherever he goes. He's mastered commands like sit, down, touch, shake, and even roll over! His eagerness to learn and please makes him a joy to train. Whiskey's personality shines brightest when he's surrounded by people and furry friends. He's a social butterfly who thrives on playtime with both humans and dogs alike! With his affectionate nature and zest for life, Whiskey is sure to bring endless smiles and wagging tails to his forever home. Ready to welcome this cuddle bug into your life? Don't wait another moment, Whiskey is ready to be your loyal companion! If interested, please fill out an application on our website!
Female. Appx. DOB: 2/6/23. Adult Weight: 54 lbs. Sissy embodies the epitome of beauty and sensitivity, her gentle nature extending harmoniously to all creatures she encounters, including her cherished pack of six dogs and her closest companion, Buddy. Despite her tender demeanor, Sissy navigates interactions with grace, never submissive but always fostering harmony within the group. Her affinity for cats is heartwarming, forming a special bond with a friendly feline in her foster home. Her long legs and neck give her an elegant poise, matched only by her determined pursuit of treasures, from chew toys to mismatched socks, lovingly stowed away in her cozy "cave" of collected wonders. During leisurely strolls in the backyard, Sissy's loyalty shines through as she seeks closeness, nudging for affectionate pats and gluing herself close during walks, showcasing her impeccable sitting skills and budding mastery of heeling. While cold weather may not be her favorite, meal times are a delightful dance of obedience and anticipation, with Sissy eagerly awaiting her release command, showcasing her discipline and growing patience. Her transition from crate to couch symbolizes not just her trustworthiness but also her growing sense of belonging and comfort in her human family's embrace. Sissy's journey is a testament to resilience, love, and the transformative power of care and companionship. If interested, please fill out an application on our website!
Male. Appx. DOB: 10/1/22. Adult Weight: 17 lbs. Meet Ratatouille, affectionately known as Louie Ratatouille! Louie is a super sweet and mellow boy who adores walks, hikes, and of course, belly rubs! He's not just good with other dogs and cats; he's curious, gentle, and loves playful moments with his stuffed animals. While he may show a bit of bedtime separation anxiety initially, Louie quickly settles down and sleeps through the night, making sure to take care of business promptly before bed and in the morning. His joyful demeanor and loving nature make him a delightful companion. If interested, please fill out an application on our website!
Female. Adult weight is 6 lbs. Appx. DOB: 4/1/2014 as estimated at shelter. This girl is full of life and personality! Polly is such a gem! At 10 years old, she's still full of good energy and loves taking cozy naps in her bed, especially when she can burrow into blankets. Her friendly nature extends to getting along wonderfully with small to medium-sized dogs, although she's learning to share lap time more graciously. Polly's bathroom manners are top-notch, and she's already familiar with using a dog door, and she loves to eat! Most of all, she's overflowing with sweetness and devotion, ready to shower her new person with love and affection. If interested, please fill out an application on our website!
Female. Approximate DOB: 12/21/22. Weight: 45 lbs. Meet Mattie, a sweet and curious pup who is gradually coming out of her shell. While initially shy and reserved, Mattie is starting to relax and show her playful side. She's not one to bark excessively and is highly motivated by food, making training sessions enjoyable and rewarding. Mattie thrives in cold weather and loves nothing more than spending time outdoors, quietly observing the world around her and soaking in the sights and sounds. Her social circle includes friendly, calmer dogs with whom she enjoys playful interactions. One of Mattie's favorite activities is going for car rides, where she eagerly takes in the scenery and delights in the adventure. Due to her front paw condition and tendency to get warm quickly, Mattie is more suited for quieter, calmer hikes rather than intense outdoor excursions. She's a gentle soul looking for a loving home where she can continue to blossom and enjoy life's simple pleasures alongside her human companions. If interested, please fill out an application on our website!
Male. Appx. DOB: December 14, 2022. Weight on 2/22: 49 lbs. Leaning Lionel the Lover! Lionel is a sweet boy who loves leaning into you for chin and ear scratches, playing with his foster siblings and exploring the world around him. He is curious, gentle, and a quick learner. He has been curious about the cat but able to respect her space! He's learning to sit, and he is already waiting patiently for his food. He is going to be a great hiking buddy and anyone will be lucky to have this little lover! If interested, please fill out an application on our website!
Katy Hope Kitten Heart
Name: Hope 🐾
Date of Birth: Approximately March 17, 2021
Location: Seeking a loving forever home! 🏡
Interests: I love following you around the yard, sitting for head pats and butt scratches, going on car rides, sunbathing on top of my crate, and gazing out the window at the scenery.
Relationship goals: I'm looking for someone who can give me the attention and love I crave. More than treats or toys, I just want to be with my favorite people and make them happy.
Relationship type: I'm making great strides to be more social, but I would also be perfectly fine to be your one-and-only.
Star sign: Pisces ♓
Communication style: I communicate through wagging tails, gentle nudges, and expressive eyes. I'm a sweet and affectionate soul who wears her heart on her sleeve.
Personality type: I'm known as Little Miss Wiggly for a reason! Affectionate, loyal, and eager to please, I'll do anything to make my favorite people happy.
Love language: Quality time and physical touch are my love languages! I'll show you my affection by cuddling up in your lap and showering you with kisses.
Workout preferences: I enjoy leisurely walks and playing in the yard. Exercise keeps me happy and healthy, and I'm always up for an adventure with my favorite humans!
Sleeping habits: I'm a cozy sleeper who loves curling up in a warm bed or snuggling with my humans on the floor. With your love and warmth, I'll sleep peacefully through the night.
"Ask me about..."
➡️ What I do on the weekends: I love spending time with my favorite humans, going on adventures, and soaking up the sunshine.
➡️ My morning/bedtime routine: I start and end my day with cuddles and love from my favorite people. There's nothing better than waking up to a world full of possibilities!
➡️ Going out: Whether it's for a car ride or a leisurely stroll, I'm always ready for an adventure with my favorite humans!
Music anthem: "You've Got a Friend" by James Taylor 🎶 Let's be each other's forever friend and companion!
If you think we could be the perfect match, call or text 970-769-2584. I can't wait to meet you and start our journey together!
Evan Williams
***pending adoption***Littermates: Harper, Bourbon, Basil Hayden, Kopper Kettle, Jameson, McKenzie.
Male. Weight on 4/9: 19.4 lbs. Approx. DOB: 1/11/24. Meet Evan, a pup with a winning personality and a heart full of love! Evan is making great strides in his training journey, mastering crate and potty training while beginning to learn leash manners. He's a social butterfly who enjoys the company of both dogs and people. Evan is incredibly friendly, known for his affectionate snuggles and love for soaking up the sunshine. He has a playful side too, delighting in treats and toys that bring out his joyful spirit. If you're looking for a furry companion who's as friendly as they come, Evan might just be the perfect match for you! If interested, please fill out an application on our website!
Male. DOB: 11/17/23. Weight on 4/14: 28 lbs. Littermates: Yodel. Meet Coda, the charming adoptable puppy with a heart of gold! If you want a smart dog who will thrive on interactions like agility and scent training, this is your dog! Coda seeks an adventure partner who enjoys going camping and being outdoors with their furry companion. Coda thrives in social settings, effortlessly navigating crowds and delighting in the company of people, kitties, and other dogs alike. His playful nature shines through as he frolics and engages in endless fun, always ready for a game of fetch or a round of tummy scratches. Coda's unique blend of sassiness and sweetness adds a delightful flair to his personality, making him a cherished companion for anyone lucky enough to bring him home. His remarkable intelligence is evident as he swiftly masters potty training and eagerly learns new commands. This boy loves to learn. With his loving disposition and quick wit, Coda is poised to bring boundless joy and laughter to his forever family. If interested, please fill out an application on our website!
Female. Appx. DOB: 4/1/22. Adult Weight: 12 lbs. Meet Cheyenne, the sweet and smart companion who seamlessly integrated into her foster home from day one. Despite her initial shyness, Cheyenne quickly embraced her new environment, showing remarkable adaptability and exemplary house manners. Her demeanor reflects her quiet confidence, while her love for snuggling and exploring the outdoors in good weather reveal her happy and curious nature. Cheyenne is a true gem, always eager to learn and please, making her an ideal companion for anyone seeking a loving and adaptable furry friend. If interested, please fill out an application on our website!
Male. Appx. DOB: 2/6/23. Adult Weight: 50 lbs. Buddy is a shining example of resilience and adaptability. He embodies a spirit of enthusiasm and eagerness for new adventures, especially when treats are involved! His journey in his foster home has been one of growth and leadership. Amongst a pack of six dogs, including his beloved Sissy, Buddy has emerged as a natural leader. He's been making great strides in mastering basic commands like heel and sit, demonstrating his intelligence and eagerness to please, and he gets along with cats. His love for the outdoors, especially frolicking in the snow, is infectious. Buddy's crate training is a testament to his good manners and adaptability, making him an ideal companion for peaceful nights and exciting adventures during the day. He embodies the spirit of resilience and positivity, making him a wonderful addition to any loving home ready for a loyal and playful companion. If interested, please fill out an application on our website!

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