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DOB: June 1, 2021 Approximate Adult Weight: 30-45 lbs Human cruelty toward animals is an ever present evil, and Scarlett was born into a situation no animal should face. At eight weeks old her owner bound her with a rope around her neck and shoulders, and never removed it, so as she grew the rope plunged deeper and deeper into her skin. Thankfully, a concerned neighbor called Animal Protection, which rescued Scarlett from her captor. She is now safely recovering with a wonderful foster family of ours. Thankfully, Scarlett never knew that it was a human who did such a cruel thing to her, so her personality is unblemished. All Scarlett wants and deserves is a family who will give her the love she has missed out on for her first months of life. If you are interested in adopting Scarlett, please fill out an application.
DOB: September 25, 2021 Approximate Adult Weight: 30-45 lbs Lola’s eyes say it all. This pup is truly the sweetest girl, which is no surprise as her momma, who also is in foster care, is one of the most amazing dogs we know. Lola so loves being wrapped in a blanket and carried that she often falls asleep! If you are interested in bringing Lola into your home, please fill out an application on our website.
DOB: March 2, 2021 Adult Weight: 30 lbs Lily is the momma to Lola, our little black beauty. Lily is the sweetest, cutest, most wonderful dog – all right, we’ll stop gushing. Her kind disposition and wagging tail brighten every room she enters. Lily beautifully cared for her pups as all mommas should, but now it is time for her to be cared for by a family who will give her the kindness that has eluded her throughout her short life. Please fill out an application if your home needs a little bright light.
DOB 8-15-21 Approximate adult weight 35-50 pounds Does her look not say it all?!!! Jenny will add so much color and fun to your life! Look at her eyes--they say it all--love, kindness, and lots of warm kisses. Her puppy personality has kept us laughing and falling in love with her daily. Her joie de vivre will conquer the hardest of hearts. Jenny loves to play and go on adventures, so if you think you may be up for this beautiful big eyed pup, please fill out an application.
DOB 11-1-20 Weight about 50 pounds Jax's foster family found him curled up next to a gas pump in Chinle, AZ. Although Jax never had the opportunity to love or be loved, his willingness to immediately trust demonstrates the beautiful nature of dogs. This handsome and playful guy is a charmer with people and loves other canine companions! He’s puzzling over the feline member of the household and learning she is not supper. Actually, Jax is quite good, and only needs the occasional reminder. Jax will be so happy to spend his life with you. He is quickly concluding that "two hots and a cot" is a pretty good thing. Now he simply needs to find his forever home. He will be a great walking/hiking/running buddy. Please fill out an application if you think Jax could be your next family member.
DOB 8-11-21 Approximate adult weight 30-40 lbs Jack has the innate canine desire to find that wonderful family who will treasure his big heart. Jack’s sweet and goofy personality is blossoming under the care and affection of his foster family. Other dogs are awesome playmates for this bundle of energy, but curious cats can be rather fun, too. He adores walks, both on and off leash. Recall is a breeze, as Jack loves to be near his human. Please email PAR your application if you’re interested.
DOB: April 18, 2021 Approximate Adult Weight: 45-60 lbs. Have you ever blown upon a dandelion and made a wish? Well Gracie has, and her wish is to find a forever home. She came to PAR with her four siblings (who all have been adopted) and desperately wants her own human. Cattle dog and lab mix are in her genes, so outdoor adventures are right up her alley. Her intelligence and exuberance are also tremendous assets for such excursions. She loves children and plays great with other dogs. Maybe you will fulfill Gracie’s wish. Please fill out an application today.
DOB 8-11-21 Approximate adult weight 30-45 pounds Dusty and his seven siblings came to PAR from the shelter in Aztec. It’s so exciting for Dusty’s foster family to watch him discover the joys of an affectionate family. He adores exploring the hidden wonders within the fenced yard. Yet cuddling up after his adventures, particularly in a warm lap, is a great bonus. Please email us your application if you’re interested.
DOB 8-11-21 Approximate adult weight 25-40 pounds Beautiful and classic brindle, April and her eight littermates were at the Aztec shelter for approximately a month prior to PAR transporting them to Durango in early October. When she first entered foster care, April had never known affection and love, so she was rather uncertain around people. Shyness and uncertainty, however, quickly receded under her foster family’s care and devotion. She is great with the other canines roaming the home but is quite perplexed (though unconcerned) at the feline who is often staring down at her from some perch or another. We see some dachshund in her. Please email us your application if you’re interested.

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