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We choose not to guess the breed(s) of our adoptable pups, as we can never be certain without an official DNA test. For this reason, we also can't guarantee any dog to be a particular size/weight when fully grown. If you would like to know more about the final size of your new family member, we also have adoptable adult/near-adult dogs. Thanks!

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Female. Adult weight 63 lbs. DOB: Appx. May 2017. Prepare to be captivated by Zoe, the adoptable dog of your dreams. Zoe knows no enemies; she warmly welcomes everyone as her new best friend. Within just two seconds of meeting you, she'll shower you with slobbery kisses, showcasing her incredible love and affection. Zoe's heart is so expansive that it will wrap you in its embrace, showing you a level of devotion you've never experienced before. This amazing and loving dog deserves the world, and her zest for life shines brightest in the great outdoors. She embraces an active lifestyle with boundless enthusiasm, and she particularly adores splashing around in the pool. She also loves toys and is a highly motivated learner, already making impressive progress in mastering basic commands. With her love for the outdoors, food, treats, and her dedication to pleasing her human companions, Zoe is an exceptional dog who will bring immeasurable joy and companionship to your life. If interested, please fill out an application on our website!
Female. Appx. DOB: 6/28/23. Weight at 8/25/23: 6 lbs. Introducing Sammy, a heartwarming adoptable puppy with a gentle and endearing demeanor. While initially shy, Sammy's true charm emerges once she becomes familiar with both people and fellow canines. Her excitement for playtime is a testament to her joyful spirit, transforming her timidity into playful exuberance. Sammy's longing for affection is evident in her response to her name – a sweet and attentive pup, she eagerly comes to greet you with a wagging tail. Not only does she find joy in play, but she also shares a heartwarming bond with her sister, relishing in their delightful play sessions and finding comfort in shared naps. Sammy's sweet nature and ability to forge connections make her an enchanting addition to any loving home, promising an abundance of tender moments and unwavering companionship. If interested in meeting her, please fill out an application on our website.
Female. Appx DOB: 7/1/2022. Puppies: Molly, Chaco, and Cricket. Adult weight: 52 lbs. Sally is an absolute delight and the ideal companion! She thrives on human interaction, always wanting to be as close to you as possible. Sally has an abundance of love to share and gives her all to those she adores. Her compact size is just perfect, making her an easy fit into any home. With her well-balanced energy, she's a great partner for walks and will happily join you in cuddling sessions or basking in the sun in the backyard. Sally's overall demeanor is simply lovely, and she's incredibly playful with people. Plus, she's crate-trained exceptionally well, adding another feather to her cap as the perfect addition to any loving family. If interested, please fill out an application on our website!
Female. Appx. DOB: 6/28/23. Weight on 9/15/23: 13 lbs. Meet Mila, an irresistibly charming adoptable puppy bursting with outgoing energy and a zest for life. Her playful nature knows no bounds as she enthusiastically engages in joyful interactions with both fellow canines and humans. Running and playing are Mila's favorite pastimes, and she's always up for a spirited game. Despite her boundless enthusiasm, Mila also knows the art of balance – when her energy is spent, she'll find solace in your lap, peacefully dozing off after a satisfying play session. With her dynamic personality and ability to effortlessly transition from play mode to snuggle mode, Mila promises to bring an abundance of joy, companionship, and heartwarming moments to her future forever family. If interested in meeting her, please fill out an application on our website.
Katy Hope Kitten Heart
DOB is approximately 3/17/21. Her adult weight is 43 pounds. Hope is known around here as Little Miss Wiggly! We pulled her at the last second from an overcrowded shelter in order to give her a proper chance at a loving life. More than anything else in the world (like treats or toys), she just wants the attention and love of her people. She loves to follow you around the yard and kindly sit for some head pats and butt scratches. While she is quickly learning her basic commands, she is making good progress with her short interactions with other dogs (she’s even shown some play bows lately). Hope loves car rides, sitting on top of her crate to sun bathe, and looking out the window at the scenery. If you sit on the floor, she will gladly crawl into your lap, as well! Hope is a very special girl who will do anything to please her favorite people. She deserves the absolute perfect person! Could it be you? If interested in Hope, please fill out an application on our website.
Approximate DOB is August 2022; adult weight is 43 lbs. Grace was found by a mail lady delivering mail. She was abandoned in one of the larger mailboxes. Despite her upbringing she LOVES people. We've learned that she absolutely loves chew treats, puzzle games, and snuffle mats! This girl is smart! She makes such great eye contact on her walks, picks up on basic commands quickly, and is eager to please. Grace likes to crawl on your lap and get scratches and pets. She rides beautifully in vehicles and she's very food motivated. She is a really good little companion! She enjoys walks and will play forever with her toys. Affectionately dubbed Gracie Gremlin, her playful spirit shines through in the endearing noises she makes during naps, playtime, and meals. This unique character lives for those cherished moments of sprawling across your lap, basking in the warmth of your affection. Her gratitude is palpable as she gazes up with kind, appreciative eyes that reflect her loving nature. With a delightful sense of dog humor, Grace is a true joy to be around, thriving on the connections she builds through one-on-one attention. Whether it's exploring the world of scents on leisurely walks or showcasing her willingness to please through her food-motivated actions, Grace's vibrant personality will undoubtedly add a special spark to your life. If you're seeking an extraordinary companion who's as eager to love as she is to explore, Grace is the perfect addition to your journey. Interested in Grace? Please fill out an application on our website.
Male. Appx DOB: 9/19/21. 10 lbs. Meet Finley, an adorable and affectionate little guy who's all about the snuggles and human connection. This sweet pup is a true cuddle enthusiast, and his day begins and ends on the couch, nestled in for quality bonding time. Finn has a playful side too, relishing in toy-filled adventures and those irresistible belly rubs. While he's young and full of curiosity, he's still learning the ropes, making strides in his leash manners and overnight crate training. Finn is also a social butterfly, getting along famously with other dogs and enjoying the company of people. Although he may have a preference for the ladies, Finn is open to more socialization and is sure to bring immense happiness to anyone or any family lucky enough to have him in their lives. Interested in Finley? Please fill out an application on our website.
Female. Appx. DOB: 6/28/23. Weight at 8/25/23: 7 lbs. Introducing Emma, a truly captivating adoptable dog who wears her heart on her paws, forming strong and lasting bonds with her beloved human companions. While she thoroughly enjoys the company of foster siblings, her adaptable nature allows her to gracefully navigate differences in reciprocity. Emma's intriguing personality even extends to her interactions with cats, showcasing a respectful curiosity that hints at her potential to harmonize with feline friends. Overflowing with affection and enthusiasm, Emma's zest for play and learning shines through brightly, making her a delightful addition to any family. Although her boundless energy and assertive nature occasionally require a little timeout, she's undoubtedly a sweetheart who's destined to be a wonderful canine companion for someone ready to embrace her whirlwind of excitement and love. If interested in meeting her, please fill out an application on our website.
DOB: July 15, 2022; Adult weight is 41 lbs, though she doesn't look it at just about 2 feet long and tall! Ellie is the world’s biggest cuddler; her favorite place is on her foster’s lap or as the little spoon on the couch. Ellie's playful and active nature makes her the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures, especially when she can end every day napping across the lap of her favorite person. She is potty-trained and alerts you when she’d like to go outside. Ellie would thrive in a home with a nice backyard — somewhere to romp around and enjoy the sun! After a productive day, she sleeps through the night peacefully in her crate. Ellie loves playing with her doggie foster brothers, but she would also do just fine in an active home of her own with good social interactions. She enjoys accompanying her foster mom on trail runs, hikes, or just yard time fun! Dog-friendly felines are also welcome additions in her world. If you are interested in giving Ellie all that she deserves, please fill out an application on our website.
Female. Appx. DOB: 6/1/23. Siblings: Chaco and Molly; Mom: Sally. Cricket is an incredibly friendly and affectionate dog who forms deep attachments to her person, making her the perfect match for anyone in search of a loyal companion. She's at her happiest when she's right by your side, whether snuggling in your lap or showering you with affectionate licks. Cricket is also making great strides in understanding the concept of going to the bathroom outside and is diligently working on her leash manners and being comfortable when separated from her humans. She has shown significant improvement in leash walking and handling time alone in her crate. She sleeps through the night in her crate and can keep herself entertained with toys or exploring the yard. Additionally, Cricket gets along well with other dogs, making her a great addition to any home. If interested, please fill out an application on our website!
Female. Appx. DOB 7/1/23. Weight on 9/14/23: 13.5 lbs.

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