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DOB: September 10, 2022; This adorable pup is a super survivor. Soon after arriving at PAR, parvo attacked his little body, but Schmidt’s determination and will to survive helped him beat the odds. This little gentleman is whip-smart, agile and curious, which would make him a terrific agility partner. If you’re not into agility, hiking and discovering the scents and sights of the streams and mountains would be right up Schmidt’s alley. Dogs are a delight for this guy, but truly his human is the absolute bomb. If you are seeking a new partner in life, please fill out an application on our website. His current weight is approximately 9 lbs.
DOB: July 15, 2022; Approximate Adult Weight: 40-55 lbs. “My Luve is like a red, red [R]ose.” Our little Rose will steal your heart like a bonnie lass. No thorns in this gal, however. She is all sweetness and sunshine mixed with just the right amount of playfulness to keep you on your feet. Intelligent and eager to learn, Rose is a dog who will be at your side wherever the winds of life blow. Exploring the hills and dales is great fun for this pup, as she has plenty of energy to take her far and wide. Cuddles and snuggles, however, are always a critical component in her daily repertoire. If you are interested in helping Rose blossom, please fill out an application on our website.
DOB: 7/20/2020 Milo is a beautiful male Catahoula Mix, around 2 years of age. Having 3 legs does not stop him from being an active, sweet dog. He is a perfect companion for the Colorado Active lifestyle. Please fill out an application if you would like to meet this boy.
DOB 5/5/2022. Estimated adult weight: 30-35 pounds Lulu is ADORABLE! From her foster mama: She loves being with me during my morning ritual, soaking up the heat from the fireplace. She is always near. Sometimes in my lap (evenings) sometimes not. She will be such a perfect companion for someone who is moderately active (she loves walks of a mile or so) and someone who just wants a very loyal little friend. She’s great with others dogs and the kitty in the home as well as children. Who could ask for more?!
DOB: Late July 2022; Our Jewel is a diamond from the rough side of town. Her life, however, has turned a corner and she is sure to bedazzle you. Jewel’s kind personality and desire to please any and everyone cannot but send your heart aflutter. Kids, cats, dogs, and unicorns are all welcome in Jewel’s world. Outdoor adventures are always exciting but so is sharing quiet time in front of a crackling fire. If you are looking for a new best friend, please fill out an application on our website. Her weight at 15 weeks is 20 lbs.
DOB: July 15, 2021; Current Weight: 60lbs. Goose spent the first six months of life in a hoarding situation in northern New Mexico. Today, however, Goose leads the life of Riley, curling up with his foster family, frolicking with his four-legged playmates, and relishing all the comforts of home. Yet, it’s not his forever home. Goose’s affectionate, smart, and adoring personality will bring such happiness to your home that it will be impossible to remember a time without this guy. He’s also a gentleman in so many ways – happy to walk on leash, has exceptional mealtime manners, and always wants to please. Goose deserves an exceptional home with a family who will give him all the boundless affection he so willingly shares every moment of his life. If you are interested in giving Goose a new lease on life, please fill out an application on our website.
DOB: July 15, 2022; Approximate Adult Weight: 40-55 lbs. News Flash: Our little Ellie is looking for her forever family. Ellie’s gentle and loving personality will sway even the hardest of hearts. Nap time in the arms and lap of her beloved are moments of pure bliss. A lap, however, is not only good for napping but is also a perfect home base for playtime. Although only child status could be right up Ellie’s alley, cordial canines and plentiful playmates make for a perfect day. Fun-loving felines are also welcome additions to Ellie’s daily routine. If you are interested in giving Ellie all that she deserves, please fill out an application on our website.
DOB: June 5, 2022; Approximate Adult Weight: 50-70lbs. Babcock and his siblings came to us surfing the waves of rain that flowed through our area in August. We know his momma was approximately 45 lbs. but we don't know much more about his history. A big teddy bear is one way to describe Babcock, so get ready for this fluffy fur ball to wonder why your lap keeps getting smaller as he oozes over its sides throughout the years. His personality is as big as he is, so he will fill your hearth and heart with boundless love and laughter. Babcock’s love of the outdoors and its many undiscovered adventures will thrill those of you who love to hike and run. Also, Babcock whispered to his foster momma that he’d love a canine sibling to share these adventures. He is great with other dogs, likes fuzzy felines and is good with the two-legged kiddos. He is ready for adoption, so fill out an application if your home needs a special guy who will overwhelm your days with love, kindness and devotion.

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